Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dance Teacher Runs Child Dance Studio Like A Cult

We understand that sometimes we ask you to put your attention on and share terrible stories of adult and child abuses. As part of our mission we must spread this kind of news in hopes of raising awareness and educating people about these misdeeds. Please remember, you are not giving a "thumbs up like" to the 'dark content' for lack of a better term, you are supporting the spreading and exposure of it in an effort to protect future potential victims from undergoing the same terribly damaging abuses.

For example this story, "Parents of former students at the now defunct RG Dance Studio now admit [dance teacher] Davies ran the studio like a cult". "Grant Davies admitted to 28 child sex offenses, including one female student he raped seven times."

There are so many dance studios out there and it is probable that other dance teachers are taking advantage of their position to manipulate and exploit their young female students, so please share this information in an effort to prevent young students from falling victim.

Some of the warning flags to learn from this particular story:

"Davis always had to be the center of attention."

"He would "body shame" his young students and punish them if they missed classes for family functions, holidays or school."

"Davis told several of his victims that he loved them."

"Court documents reveal he indecently assaulted one student before text messaging her saying: "Hiii.Yayyy. That felt so special."

"But when one girl refused to reply to his messages, he began to pick on her in class in front of other students, telling her she was not "shining her light" and would not make it as a dancer."

"I didn't want to do the photos and videos but that's the only way I actually thought I would become professional dancer," one victim said in a statement."


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