Wednesday, March 4, 2015

You will know your kid is in a cult when....

We receive calls and e-mails daily from parents and family who have loved ones in cults. Here's what one family we're working with has to report and this is why we are so dedicated to raising awareness and preventative education.

"You will know your kid is in a cult when you hear things such as: "I'm happy, everyone is nice, I'm not into the material world, and money doesn't mean anything to me".

There are dramatic and troubling concerns when you send your kid to college and instead of getting a college education, they get indoctrinated into a mind numbing, controlling cult, where they get up at 4 am to chant the Hare Krishna mantra under the influence of transcendental meditation (no thought) on their wooden beaded necklace. The necklace has 108-beads on it, and you have to do the mantra 16-times for each wooden bead, which equals no less than 1,728 times a day, every single day, that's 630,000 times a year.

The group's insistence that your kid sell the groups fantasy scripture books and also recruit others unknowingly instead of enjoying time with friends and family, especially over the holidays.

Work 10-12 hours a day and spend time only with the group each and every day, which includes chanting the mantra, mediation, learning scriptures, singing, dancing, playing the same music, but mostly free slave labor for the group's activities i.e. cooking, cleaning, serving food, sell books, recruit others and getting further indoctrinated away from reality each and every waking hour with only the group and no other outside influences like family, friends, newspapers, TVs, non-group books, current events.

The pseudo personality, trance-like, robotic-like unrecognizable loving kid is no more, yep the kid has been so controlled and influenced and under so much stress, duress, anxiety and fear."
If you know of Cult Recruiting and activity happening on a University Campus, please e-mail us with specifics.

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