Tuesday, March 31, 2015

If you don't fight EVIL you empower them.

As per my information, seems as (UA) is making an effort to investigate all cult related allegations against them that took place on their campus. I only wish that Naropa University in Boulder Colorado would do the same. We have contacted Naropa for a meeting to discuss the death of my beloved daughter Sharoni Stern, which as per all documented facts was brought upon her by Naropa's so called teacher the "GURU" KATSURA KAN. Naropa's response was we are not interested, we heard enough from those people. Those people are Sharoni's parents who are grieving and will live with their pain of losing their child rest of their lives. I believe, Naropa was negligent by hiring Katsura Kan. I also believe and in my opinion Naropa's curriculum and the destructive teaching of Katsura Kan, which is well documented, brought the tragic death of my daughter. As per my opinion and my believe and some documented facts on related issues, Naropa's cult like behavior goes on since Naropa's foundation. All information about Naropa is well published on Internet and many books and detailed communication by past student.

As I always say; If you don't fight EVIL you empower them.

Tibor Stern, on behalf of the Sharoni Stern Estate.

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