Friday, March 14, 2014

Handle or Disconnect - A personal story about Scientology's take on shunning

I became interested in Scientology in 1987. I moved to a new city and was employed by a Scientologist who insisted I take Scientology courses, which I did and continued to do so for many years. After over 20 years as a dedicated Scientologist, a volunteer and major fundraising for the Church of Scientology I was expelled.

The reason? I dared to read the
2009 St.Petersburg Times Special Reports where former top members had left the church and spoke out about the abuses happening within the upper echelons of management. I also met with several of these former top members in person.

During this time my daughter Kara and step daughter Cara, both Scientologists, were told they could no longer speak to me ever again because of my actions or they too would be expelled. Both my daughters, out of fear of losing their "spiritual eternity" decided to disconnect from me.

The Church of Scientology has a policy called "Handle or Disconnect" – which means if you can't "handle" the person who is in disagreement with the church or it's policies to a point where they are happy with things again or at least are no longer antagonistic towards the church, then the only other solution is to disconnect from that person. Cut them out of your life for good.

I can never explain in words how painful this has been, as I love my daughters very much. But they both have their “eternity” at stake and that is more important to them than anything else. They both believe that they are in the only church that can save the planet and mankind. In their hearts they believe they are doing the most valuable thing to help this world, which I too believed for 20 years.

I have tried to contact both my daughters on many occasions and have only been met with silence.

Disconnection is an insidious and painful practice that must be stopped. Scientology holds this fear over the heads of any member that asks questions or wants to leave. There are tens of thousands of people in the world that have been affected by disconnection.

As an activist I try to tell my story so that others can understand the manipulation that takes place inside Scientology. I was interviewed by the
St.Petersburg Times where I explain how in depth my fundraising efforts were for the Church of Scientology. I raised millions of dollars for them.

My dear friend Claire and I have put together a website called
Stop Disconnection.

I hope this site helps with any questions you may have about some of Scientology's destructive policies that literally destroy families.

- Cindy Plahuta

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