Friday, September 20, 2019

Scientology Policy Enabled Years of Child Sexual Abuse, Lawsuit says

"According to the complaint filed in Miami-Dade Circuit Court on Wednesday, Scientology operatives cut the brake lines on the woman’s car, vandalized her property, followed and surveilled her, and harassed her with hundreds of spam calls.

The woman is referred to in the complaint only as Jane Doe for fear of more retaliation by the church.
The lawsuit names Miscavige, Scientology’s Flag Service Organization, its Religious Technology Center, Church of Scientology International and Clearwater Academy as defendants against allegations from sexual battery to racketeering and negligence.

With no criminal charges brought upon Scientology despite years of allegations of criminal activity, a team of a dozen victims’ rights attorneys are using civil court to expose the church’s alleged institutional abuses. The team, which filed its first complaint in June, includes a constitutional scholar and a lawyer who successfully prosecuted Bill Cosby on sexual assault charges."

It's shocking that so many former top executives such as Mike Rinder, Debbie Cook and Marty Rathbun have left the church and told stories of all sorts of alleged abuses that they "witnessed" and endured - telling their stories in blogs, documentaries, in court, in books and even 3 seasons of a TV series and yet there still hasn't been anything effective done to shut this machine down !

Maybe Miss Jane Doe can get the job done that no former "executive" has been able to - time will tell! We wish her all the best in her fight for justice!  

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