Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Sham of Shambhala and Naropa University

The truth is out! 

Further into the crumbling of the Naropa/Shambhala evil empire

We are in a time where we are witnessing an influx of sexual accusations against the present leader of the Shambhala organization Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche his deceased father ChogynamTrungpa Rinpoche(CTR) the founder of Naropa University and Shambhala organization and some of the past and current leaders. The accusations are providing a clear picture of what we believe is a destructive cult, Naropa University and the Shambhala organization. Ever since the problematic and sick teachings of CTR have been referred to as “crazy wisdom,” sexual abuse, exploitation, and misuse of power and authority have been the norm for Shambhala and Naropa. We believe the Kalapa council of Shambhala and the board of trustees for Naropa have been silencing the victims, which creates a platform for this type of abuse to be acceptable. The Shambhala organization has requested the leader, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche(SKM) to step down from his position as the Sakyong(king) and Naropa has removed him from their board of trustees. Read the article here, link  A report published last week by project sunshine helped make this possible, the report includes multiple allegations of sexual assault against Mipham Rinpoche. Read this Report here, Link  The Kalapa council of the Shambhala organization also sent out this recent letter  stating they will all step down from their posts. Prior to this letter, Mipham Rinpoche sent out an apology letter where he openly admits to, causing harm to women who he had sexual relationships with. In addition to all of this within the Naropa/Shambhala community, we must not forget the past of enablers who allowed this to happen.The enablers contributed to the silencing, and covering up, they too worshiped the manipulative, abusive, alcoholic, drug addict, Guru, CTR, known as the founder of both Naropa and Shambhala. Unfortunately, some of the enablers are still in leadership positions within Naropa and Shambhala. Referring to this mans, behavior as “crazy wisdom” paved the way for all of this abuse, misconduct, sexual exploitation and silence. Many knew of the abusive relationships CTR had and the entire Kalapa council knew that the now deceased Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin(Thomas Frederick Rich, Jr.)was having unprotected sex with students and minors while knowing he had HIV and AIDS illness. Here is a link to the letters confirming the council knew of the situation and did not remove the regent from his position. We believe the Kalapa council and Dr. Mitchell Levy, who we believe was the personal physician of CTR, knew about the illness had a responsibility to stop him, but failed to do so. We believe some of these members of the Kalapa council that knew of the situation are still on the board of trustees for Naropa University. In next upcoming weeks we will run our grand expose which will bring clarity and understanding of this systematic abuse and how students are the most vulnerable. Sharoni Stern, Tibor’s daughter is dead due to this type of abuse. Upon her death, Tibor and his lawyer approached Naropa University for much needed changes and Naropa replied, “We have heard enough from Tibor Stern.” Tibor’s message back, is that they did not hear enough from him and he wants to make sure no other person dies due to the dangerous and evil practices that founded Naropa and the Shambhala organization. Unfortunately, we believe Naropa and Shambhala’s manipulative and abusive practices are still around today contributing to more deaths, suicides, and trauma. This is a result of believing that an alcoholic with unacceptable abusive behavior, and sexual misconduct had “crazy wisdom.” 

This time it will Stop! 
Stay tuned for our grand expose where we go more in to detail of the above tragic events.

With hopes of change, 
The FACT Team

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