Friday, January 5, 2018

Activism and Avatar Expose

We were recently contacted by a woman named Amanda, in Australia who told us her story of being victimized,  manipulated, financially exploited and brain washed by a group that sells "classes" under the names of the Stars Edge Network, the Advanced Intern Program, Avatar Course and Stars Edge International. She had recently gotten out and part of her healing is that she wanted to tell her story, help others who've been harmed by this group, try and help those who are still involved and expose the violations that she knows to be her truth!

Exposing a group, church, cult, guru etc is quite extensive. It takes a lot of time, energy and effort; talking to victims, compiling facts and putting it in a format for the general public to review and digest. You're donations are extremely valuable and appreciated, they go towards supporting victims, preventative education and exposes. We here at FACT would like nothing more than to expose every single church, group, guru etc that exploits and manipulates vulnerable, unsuspecting victims. We receive emails, calls and messages daily from people asking for our help! Here are examples of just a couple of the emails out of dozens we've received just in the last couple of days:

"Assembly of Yahweh in Bethal, Pennsylvania is a cult. Please help me get my daughter back"

"The meeting consisted of a long speech given by (name left out for now). During the speech he talked very passionately, quickly, and angrily about the ills of capitalism and the need for revolution. I was instantly hooked, and I have talked to other students that were hooked by this same tactic.

I would like others to know that the facade fades quickly. It feels as though you are home and you are taken seriously, yet any failure to live up to your tasks is met with disdain; this is personally damaging for a newly-independent college freshman.

Damaging Aspects: I suffered from (and still suffer from) complex post-traumatic stress disorder. I was hospitalized twice. I am currently attending therapy twice a week, and I am fighting urges to cut, binge+purge, starve, and commit suicide."

However, due to the limited budget constraints we can only do so much. A lot more help is needed so that we can be available to a lot more victims and educate a lot more of society. Until then, we do the best we can with the resources we have. If you would like to donate to our cause, it would be greatly appreciate and you can do so here:

Amanda is a true activist, her heart is in the right place and she has invested a lot personal time and dedication into uncovering and exposing what she knows to be her truth.

This is her website and her expose : Avatar Uncovered

Here is what Amanda e-mailed us after the launch of her website and expose!

"I want to thank you and the whole of FACT.  Your organization has been by far the most proactive I have communicated with regarding this expose and indeed the way you bring other destructive cults to light. Your work and exposes have inspired me.  As you see I have used the essence of it in our perspective"

She is very excited about the launch of this expose, she hopes to help those who have been harmed by this group and also to educate others so they don't fall victim to the things she experienced.

She also said in her email to us "Its already making an impact"

We Salute you Amanda! 

If you have knowledge about or have been victimized by the Avatar group, feel free to post your truth in our comment section of this post or contact Amanda via her website. Exploitation, abuse and manipulation is unacceptable in every form!   


The FACT Team
Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc

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