Friday, August 11, 2017

Blue Whale Challenge


We would like to alert you about a sick cultic game called the Blue Whale Challenge circulating online and around social media targeting teenagers and young adults. Victims of the game’s undue influence are manipulated into causing bodily self-harm and ultimately suicide.

The game originated in Russia and is believed to be linked to 130 cases of suicide to date. Although they have apprehended whom they believe to be its creator, a series of copycat users have appeared online to continue the game. Incidents have been reported in over 19 countries to date, including the United Kingdom, India and two cases in the US.

Here are some of the common signs to look for with your child:

Sharing social media posts with a hashtag #f57 or #f40 or #ImaWhale, or posts about looking for a whale
Waking up at 4:20 to watch scary videos or do other unusual tasks
Scratching a sketch of a whale onto their body
Making deep cuts on their arms or scratching “yes” on their body
Standing on the edge of a roof or bridge (especially if this is unusual for your child)
Taking photos of any of these activities to send to others
Physically hurting themselves
Extreme changes in eating or sleeping habits

If you believe your loved one may be suicidal and/or involved in the Blue Whale Challenge, please contact FACT or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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