Tuesday, June 20, 2017


As a followup to our expose and efforts to warn the public about Katsura Kan, we are extremely happy to tell you that some people have decided to stop working with Kan, including the cancelation of an upcoming workshop and festival.

We thank them for taking the information and evidence against this ex-Naropa teacher seriously, which clearly shows Kan’s sociopathic and predatory nature / destructive capabilities towards his students and young innocent women.

Some quotes from the letters we received:

“Dear Tibor, I am very sorry for your daughter. It is an horrible story. I am stopping my project to work with Katsura Kan. I sent him email by follow his workshop this summer. After watch your letter, I was very shocking. Thank very much to contact me. Maybe you save my life. I don't understand why this man begin to teach and why he is not in cell. Why Butoh community accepts him in community. He send an email with all summer workshop. He'll teach to Butoh festival to Bulgaria after he goes to Serbia and after in Finland. If I can help you... I am sad with you and your family. I am sorry to my english, I hope you understand me…Thank you for your email.”

"Thank you very much for your info...the festival is canceled. Wish you light in your mission."

Unfortunately institutions, theaters and festivals continue to hire Katsura Kan, and as such we are constantly contacting and informing them as well as the Butoh community in general. We expect all employers to cancel Katsura's workshops / performances, as this wicked man must be stopped at all costs for the safety and well-being of students.

For more information about Katsura Kan and what he has done, especially being responsible for the death of Sharon Stern and for causing mental health issues in other students of his, please visit this link.

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