Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Today is the Anniversary of Sharon Stern's death

Dear FACT Supporters,

Today is the anniversary of our founder’s daughter’s death, Sharon Stern. Five years ago she committed suicide as a result of her horrible experience with cult leader and abuser Katsura Kan, who manipulated and exploited her physically, psychologically, sexually and financially for four long years. Unable to escape the undue influence Kan had over her and seeing no other way out, she tragically ended her life.

Tibor Stern, the father of Sharon, decided to found FACT shortly thereafter in order to combat the threat of destructive cult leaders who seek to manipulate and use innocent people for their own selfish desires.

Please take a moment to remember Sharoni, who was an incredibly nice, sweet, intelligent, sensitive and talented person in so many ways. If you would like to say something to the Stern family, please send it via this form.

If you are not aware of what happened to Sharon, please click here to read her story.

May her passing bring light to others.

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