Monday, February 27, 2017


LOCATION: International

We are looking into a complaint alleging this organization is a multi-level marketing scam that brainwashes and exploits people financially. The filer of the complaint states that a member of her family was recruited into this program and as a result lost over 10 thousand dollars in a matter of months, completely draining her savings account.

The filer also states that her family member is completely brainwashed now and has disconnected from the family. 

Online research revealed a plethora of negative complaints about PSI Seminars, supporting the complaint we received:

"This group is Dangerous they prey on the weak of mind to the point of being criminal and should be shut down. The whole thing is a scam just one big sales pitch to make you spend your money or bring in friends and family. To be completely honest it is pretty scary and sick."

"I have attended the PSI seminars 3 day weekend course and my Father, Mother, and Sister have all attended advance PSI courses.This company is a total scam.
They try brainwashing their "students" and get them to bring more people in to come to more seminars as well as sign up for expensive seminars themselves."

"It is appalling to see what this company will do. They have absolutely no morals and no integrity at all.  If you try and speak up and ask questions about their "teaching/preaching" they berate you like a child. Avoid them at all cost and you will have a much happier and healthier life!"

If you feel you have been hurt or wronged by PSI Seminars in any way, please contact our office immediately at:

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