Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Katsura Kan, the self-declared guru master of the controversial, sad, painful and destructive dance of Butoh, has surfaced again to teach a workshop to students at the New York Butoh Institute (affiliated with the Vangeline Theater in Brooklyn, NYC). The workshop will be held on Nov. 17th - 20th, 2016.

For those unaware, Katsura Kan is a very dangerous cult leader responsible for the death of one of his followers, namely Sharon Stern. His corrupt influence has also caused many others to develop severe mental issues, including becoming suicidal. The Sharon Stern Estate is suing Katsura for Sharon’s wrongful death in the Circuit Court of the 17th Judicial Circuit in and for Broward County, Florida, and he is currently in the middle of the litigation.

We believe no theater in their right mind should ever hire a teacher like Katsura Kan, whose agenda, according to the evidence, is to manipulate and exploit young female students (especially sexually and financially). For Vangeline to allow Katsura’s workshop to continue we believe speaks volumes about her character and true intentions. It seems that Vangeline, in our opinion, would rather ignore the hard evidence and facts in order to continually hire Katsura for the pursuit of profit and to further promote the dark and destructive dance art of Butoh, which is rooted philosophically in pain, suffering and death. In our opinion this is of course absolutely unacceptable, not to mention morally reprehensible.

Katsura Kan’s modus operandi is to teach Butoh dance at different universities, theatres and studios around the world, and utilizes this platform as teacher to manipulate and brainwash his vulnerable trusting students. He then controls and exploits his new followers for his benefit, especially sexually and financially. Katsura once proudly admitted to having sex with over 160 of his young female students (while being much older and married during this time), which in our opinion is terribly sick and the earmark of a sociopathic predator.

Moreover, the dark philosophy Katsura uses, as part of his brainwashing technique, is very destructive (especially on young impressionable minds). He teaches students to go “back to the womb to darkness" and to eradicate any life dreams, identity, authenticity and ego; essentially, to erase themselves. When the now deceased Sharon Stern at the end of her training (and in a very disturbed mental state) asked Katsura, “What comes after the deconstruction of your body, mind and ego?” he had no answer to give. As the Stern family tragically found out, the obvious answer to this question, to the radical deconstruction and unraveling of the mind, is death by suicide.

Please find attached just some of the evidence in our possession showing the destructive influence Katsura is capable of, including a psychologist’s report, a letter from two of his victims, and details on the active lawsuit against him.
Please note: FACT has nothing against Vangeline personally or her theater, directly or indirectly, nor the New York Butoh Institute or any of the principle owners. It is incumbent upon us at FACT to educate and make people aware of Katsura Kan’s destructive character and influence, and also to expose those who support his evil agenda. We feel it is our duty and responsibility, for which we received our non-profit status, to warn and educate students especially, who might become victims of Kan’s massive self-serving manipulative and abusive behavior.

To read the full story and evidence of how Kan manipulated and exploited Sharon Stern, click here.

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