Friday, August 26, 2016


"We got involved in a small Baptist Church about 17 years ago. The so called Pastor was a Sociopath. He wanted complete submission with threats of Hell or shunning if one didn't do everything he wanted. He created problems in marriages by offering private council to wives and would eventually convince wives that their husband was abusive when they were not.

This so called pastor convinced my wife to get a restraining order on me because I raised my voice during an argument which is typical with most couples. He then convinced everybody I was not a Christian because by then I figured out he was a Sociopath and started standing up to him. He convinced my Wife that she had to obey God first then him as het Pastor. He helped her with money and gave her special attention that my Wife embraced due to her low self esteem from a very abusive childhood. He told my Wife not to sleep with me or listen to me since I was not a CHristian which was a lie.He did the same with some other couples I know.

I warned my Wife and others he was a Sociopath. By then It was too late. He had a large influence on local Judges and Politicians. He intimidates many people and has a huge ego. He used repetition of certain Bible verses to control my wife. Such as Hebrews on obeying those who have authority over you. He also used private things my Wife told him to black male her.

Finally moved away and came to find out why my wife pulled away from me. Put a wall between us, refused to sleep or have sex with me, began cutting herself spoke of suicide. This fat Bastard who is 30 years older than her was manipulating her to have sex with him for two years. Now I'm fighting to get my old Wife back. Years of him convincing her I was no good, using mind control methods and trigger phrases. My Children are afraid to go to school and trust anyone so they are home schooled. My Wife cannot sleep with me. This was afar right conservitive church. This guy is Demonic. Using God's word to manipulate.

People this stuff is real. I thought taking my Family to a small consevitive Church was the right thing to do but it destroyed us especially my poor Wife. Sociopaths often gravitate to Church leadership positions or Politics. The need to control and fuel narcissic supply. Bet this guy the OP speaks about was having sex with her daughter all signs are there. I still love God but will never trust a Church leader."

Yet another tragic example of how cults manipulate / exploit members and break up families, and what we at FACT work daily on -- to stop cult group manipulation and abuses, reunite families, and educate the public.

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