Monday, January 25, 2016


We are proud to announce, from our hard work and diligence over the last year and a half, that Carl Woodham (the Chaplain of the ISKCON Krishna House) no longer holds his position on the University of Florida's faculty as the ‘Secretary of the Board for the Campus Multi-Faith Cooperative’, as confirmed by Angelo Grasso, the chairman of that board. Moreover, Grasso states that Woodham has retired from the board completely.

Though not stated to us directly by the school, it seems as if the University of Florida has finally acknowledged the potential threat of ISKCON on its campus and we hope that Woodham’s recruitment efforts of students will be further investigated by the school and stopped entirely. In our opinion, the active recruitment of young impressionable students at any school is completely unethical and should be prohibited.

We at FACT will never stop trying to remove these organizations from campuses in an effort to safeguard all students from agendas that seek to recruit “young Westerners wholesale” (as Woodham once stated in an email to a fellow guru).

To everyone who helped us with our efforts, we cannot thank you enough.

We will keep you updated with any further developments


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