Friday, November 6, 2015

Message From A Victim


Name of Cult Group or Church: Jehovah Witnesses

Message: "[The recruiters] became friends with my son at a time when he was without a job, had no car and was having to stay with his father or be homeless. He felt lost and desperate. They convinced him to go to and later join their church. They came to my home on several occasions, uninvited, and stayed for hours with their entire family in an attempt to convert my husband and I. They convinced my son to leave the area with them and move to Oregon where he would have little contact with us."

Unfortunately we hear this all too often at FACT. People usually become victims of cults when they are at a low or stressful point in life, and/or in a transitory period, like after losing a job or going through a divorce.

An article written in Psychology today explains:


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