Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A very painful experience...

We received a complaint from the parents of a student at the University of Florida about Carl Woodham, the Chaplain of the Krishna House that operates adjacent to the UF campus. Woodham is also listed on the UF website as the secretary of the executive board for the Campus Multi-Faith Cooperative at UF. At this point we will not release the complaint in detail as we are in the process of thoroughly checking out Mr. Woodham and the serious allegation against him.

As per our discussion with the parents and the evidence provided, they believe that their son was brainwashed by the Krishna House group and they also believe that he was influenced by the group not to show up at his own graduation ceremony. When the parents arrived they found out their son was a no show, without any forewarning, which was a very painful experience for them as you can imagine. Also, their son is still gone to this day and they do not know his exact whereabouts.

We will be notifying the University of Florida and the hard working tax-paying parents of the state of Florida via the media about this to try and prevent it from happening again to loving parents who send their children to universities for higher education only to have them disconnect themselves from family and not come back to them.

Lastly, the Krishna House organization sells lunches on campus to students, which we believe is for the purpose of student recruitment. Please find attached some evidence of “wholesale” recruitment as per Carl’s own admission in a letter written by him (Kalakantha) to his Swami Bhakti Vikasa. Please judge for yourself.
More coming on Carl Woodham, Hare Krishna / Iskcon, and the University of Florida. Stay tuned…


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