Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Waiting for their response...

We wrote a letter to the Daily Camera in Boulder, CO, asking the writer to make the proper corrections to their article which left out many important facts, especially regarding Naropa's claim that Sharon had nothing to do with the university after her graduation in 2009.

An excerpt: "If there actually was an internal investigation done at Naropa University, I find it very hard to believe that they would not have uncovered internal emails such as the ones attached (a simple keyword search for Sharon's name and/or Kan's should have revealed them).

Please find attached a file that shows an email correspondence between Sharon and Mr. Beaver (the head of the Naropa Art Department) in 2010, where he offers Sharon a job as Katsura Kan's TA. Also, she organized a Butoh festival in 2011 at Naropa with the school's approval and support. So there was obviously a connection with Sharon, Katsura, and Naropa after her 2009 graduation, which I believe is very important to state since it directly contradicts, in the form of hard evidence, what Mr. Lief stated.

Also, please find attached my detailed response to Mr. Lief, in addition to more evidence contradicting Mr. Lief's claims. I am also attaching evidence for you to review about Naropa's illicit history (since their inception until recently), Kan's destructive manipulation of another student, and more."

We are awaiting their response.

Click here for attachments.

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