Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tibetan Buddhism is not true Buddhism.

From an anonymous ex-cult member about the faculty at Naropa University in Boulder, CO:

"All the faculty at Naropa that were Trungpa students, and now the Sakyong's Shambhala students, have taken a vow of loyalty to their gurus, and their guru worshipping cult covers up and denies anything negative. Their vows to their gurus, maintained with fear of hell realms, and group-think and group coercion in the cult of Shambhala International turns them into 'compartmentalized cult members' who can speak and seem reasonable even intelligence, but they have taken vows from their dead master Trungpa to create an Enlightened Society based on a theocratic dictatorship of Lama Kings,  and they are still mind controlled by their dead Lama even their dead ones.

How do I know? I was a Shambhala /Vajradhatu cult member for almost 20 years.  It took me another 10 to come out completely, even after hooking up with another phony Lama, very popular in the west and friend and protector of Randy Sogyal with a second multimillion dollar lawsuit for sexual abusing and physically abusing hundreds of women and turning them into slaves , like Sharon Stern became.  They all use the tantric techniques of these Lamas, as this Japanese teacher did,  that is why he was attracted to Naropa, he knew he could get away with it. These vows to their gurus,   supercedes ethics, laws, and all the western Canon.   know I was one of them.  Tibetan Hindu Tantra which is really what these Lama groups , like Shambhala, (there is no separation between Shambhala  a.k.a. Vajradhatu, and Naropa's Board that includes the same energy of students still controlling the vows of secrecy and the coverups that they have been engaged in for 40 years with their gurus,  is the same energy that is driving the sexual abuse, the corruptions financially, the ignoring of abuse by visiting faculty,  and now,  the Dalai Lama is coming to give Naropa some shine in 2015 and to cover up the guru abuse that is driving this sick dysfunctional place, The Dalai Lama always comes to help out other places or centers where there are scandals.  He came to Sogyal Rinpoche's 8 million dollar Lerab Ling to consecrate it and give it 'shine'  when all his sexual abuses were becoming big news,  100's of women he has made into his slaves. Pema Chodrin,  Judith Leif , Judith Simmer Brown,  all at Naropa still?  They have all taken these vows and they were very young when they met Trungpa who turned their minds away from the world, and into this guru worshipping Lamaism.  It is the kind of mind control that is like a Manchurian Candidate, they can appear very rational, articulate, and reasonable, but they are not, they are divided minds and their are totally loyal to their guru and his commands.  and if fact the Lamas have been colluding with the Chinese to build up their merged 'religion".

 Tibetan Buddhism,  which is really Lamaism,  is the underlying energy  that is allowing all these guru worshipping cults to thrive. The Dalai Lama and his Mind and Life Institute has infiltrated into all of our western higher education institutes and this energy is causing the confusion around sexuality and causing a more 'dumbed down ' population into demons and deities, and the supernatural and all things medieval and they don't even bother with history or facts anymore, since they are being told 'all is an illusion' that is the main meme,. Trungpa was here to do the same thing, undermine democracy from the inside out, its just that he spoke opening about doing this (see Poetry Wars )  he always spoke of hating democracy, and wanted to create an Enlightened Dictatorship of Tantric Vajrayana Gurus.  He was a delusional alcoholic at the end,  and no matter how his teachings appeal,  his goal  like the Dalai Lama's is to undermine democracy from the inside out,  by getting to young people, at confusing them, and destroying their reasoning and cognitive abilities and the ability to discern right from wrong, in other words turn them into cult members.  like at Naropa.   

Until people start looking at the 'root' of the infection,  i.e. Tibetan 'Buddhism' and its Hindu Tantric guru worship and institutionalized sexual abuse of women and little boys in the monasteries, ( little boys who are sexually abused can often become abusers themselves)  than no one is going get at the root of the sickness that is causing all this craziness at Naropa and the general cult explosion.  Guru Worship and sexual abuse is institutionalized at Naropa because of its underlying root view, that is connected still to the Hindu Vajrayana Tantra.  That is why Trungpa was sleeping around, that is why Osel was sleeping around, that is why Sogyal Rinpoche, and why so many of these Lamas are sleeping around, they are admonished to have constant sex with female students for their 'higher bliss practices'  that is all Osel Tenzdin meant  when he said he had 'higher practices'  to prevent others from getting AIDS.  These are the practices of the higher Tantras that all the gurus  and their "advanced students" practice.

For exhaustive research on the sexual abuse and guru worship and corruption of Tibetan Buddhism and the Dalai Lama and what he is really implementing see:

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