Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cult Leader Katsura Kan has been served!

While in Thailand for a performance, Katsura Kan was legally served on behalf of the Sharon Stern estate, for the wrongful death of Sharon Stern. This was a monumental step towards getting justice for Sharon and her family. Here are the details of what happened:

At 8:10, the investigator saw a red Mini Cooper car, red plate number: 0922, Bangkok pull over in the front of Democrazy Theatre Studio. The driver of the car was a man called Mr. Num (Mr. Kritsana), the passenger who sat next to Mr. Num was Mr. Katsura Kan and a lady was seen sitting in the back. All three people got out of the car and went into Democrazy Theatre Studio. The investigator went to the entrance of Democrazy Theatre Studio and asked to meet Mr. Katsura Kan. When the investigator met Mr. Katsura Kan, the investigator said “Are you Katsura Kan”. He confirmed that he was. The investigator said “This is a complaint against you pending in the Broward County Circuit Court and you have 20 days to respond”. Mr. Katsura Kan smiled and took the document. The investigator asked Mr. Katsura Kan to sign the receipt document. Mr. Katsura Kan signed the receipt document for the investigator.

View the
Katsura Kan Service Of Process Report.

View the
Katsura Kan Service Verification.

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