Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NEW EVENT: FLAG DOWN - Anti-Scientology Conference in Clearwater, FL

MAY 5th-10th, 2014

The conference will reveal the abusive conditions, financial exploitation, coerced abortions and broken families that lie behind the Scientology organization’s veneer of religiosity.

Hosting an event of this size has never been done in Clearwater before. The fact that the cult consider it their mecca, despite the majority of citizens being somewhat less than supportive of it, makes it the ideal location for this event.

This will show the cult that ex-Scientologists, critics, anons, SPs and others are no longer afraid of them and their bully-boy tactics.

It is an opportunity to help people who want to leave the cult, by showing them how things are on the outside, and that life is actually far better without threats to your ‘eternity’.

For more information: http://www.flagdown.org

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