Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Katsura Kan Cult Survivor...

Dear Hana and Tibi,

I don't know if you realized who am I in our short acquaintance...It's very hard for me to stand, hear, watch this whole tragedy. My heart aches to think of what are you going through. I know your pain,and feel it in my body. Sharoni's story shook and is still shaking my soul deeply in ways and forms that are hard for me to describe.This story had disturbed me both emotional and mentally, and not because of my acquaintance with the devil "master Katsura Kan". It bothers me and hurt me, and I identify with Sharoni's world and wishes, as I told you already, we both desired the same thing. Creative fulfillment of the depth of the soul. I also thought that through Butoh I will achieve this dream. It's hard for me to write to you, only yesterday I had met Hana, the special and charming woman, I can not endure it and can not cooperate with you, I am not strong enough to contain this. After the meeting with Hana I felt sad. Your pain and the war against the "Master" revives in me places and pains that I can't absorb this time in my life. I am not strong (like -anonymous-). My nerves are exposed I have no protection and this, how should I put it, is dangerous for me (at least right now). As I said I have fear from this monster and I don't know exactly why? I told Hana my experiences with this distorted man. I am asking you, if you are going to use this, please don't mention my name as Hana promised me. I know that maybe I disappointed you but for personal reasons I can't stand this pain.Yesterday it was clear to me that I was going to talk to the reporter, but after a sleepless night ( I slept an hour and a half) I understood that I am not able to tackle it. It revives in me an old pain that successfully I put out to sleep for some time. At least now I can't be with you, when I feel better I will contact you. I hope you can
understand and accept my wish.


: Writer's name has been removed to protect their identity.

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