Monday, April 23, 2018

Students Are Empowering Themselves

One of our main objectives here at FACT is to raise awareness and educate students about undue influence, cults, manipulation and the red flags to be aware of. We want to empower students with education so they can protect themselves.

Here are some recent messages from students who've contacted us.

"I went to thank you for all your answers!!!!! It was really helpful and is exactly what I needed for my paper!!! Thank you!!!"

"I didn't join a group on my campus because I found one of your posts on them and researched more and realized they were a cult! Thank You!"

We are happy to hear from students and how they are researching and educating themselves on these topics, we are dedicated to this cause and love hearing their feedback.

Our preventative education materials are available on our website under the education section and can be downloaded and printed.


The FACT Team

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