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Known for such movies as 'Chasing Amy', 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' and 'Never Been Kissed', Carmen was a Scientologist for 8 years. 

"According to the written doctrine of Scientology, Suppressive Persons must be destroyed if the religion is to continue saving the world. This is why it’s difficult to look at these nice and sweet celebrities and ever imagine they could be full of such rage and hate. But they’ve actually been hardwired, slowly and over a long period of time, to fanatically believe in this."

"A Suppressive Person is the worst thing you can be in Scientology. This label is reserved for anyone who is opposed to, speaks out about, or leaves the religion. Scientologists believe that such a person, like an ex-Scientologist who speaks out about their former beliefs and/or who doesn’t disconnect from one who has, will make everyone around them sick. They’ll ruin everyone’s lives with whom they come into contact and must never be socialized with again."

"The backstabbing and creative deceitfulness I experienced in Scientology were what wounded me the most. Faux friends have no problems betraying you."

Friday, August 26, 2016


"We got involved in a small Baptist Church about 17 years ago. The so called Pastor was a Sociopath. He wanted complete submission with threats of Hell or shunning if one didn't do everything he wanted. He created problems in marriages by offering private council to wives and would eventually convince wives that their husband was abusive when they were not.

This so called pastor convinced my wife to get a restraining order on me because I raised my voice during an argument which is typical with most couples. He then convinced everybody I was not a Christian because by then I figured out he was a Sociopath and started standing up to him. He convinced my Wife that she had to obey God first then him as het Pastor. He helped her with money and gave her special attention that my Wife embraced due to her low self esteem from a very abusive childhood. He told my Wife not to sleep with me or listen to me since I was not a CHristian which was a lie.He did the same with some other couples I know.

I warned my Wife and others he was a Sociopath. By then It was too late. He had a large influence on local Judges and Politicians. He intimidates many people and has a huge ego. He used repetition of certain Bible verses to control my wife. Such as Hebrews on obeying those who have authority over you. He also used private things my Wife told him to black male her.

Finally moved away and came to find out why my wife pulled away from me. Put a wall between us, refused to sleep or have sex with me, began cutting herself spoke of suicide. This fat Bastard who is 30 years older than her was manipulating her to have sex with him for two years. Now I'm fighting to get my old Wife back. Years of him convincing her I was no good, using mind control methods and trigger phrases. My Children are afraid to go to school and trust anyone so they are home schooled. My Wife cannot sleep with me. This was afar right conservitive church. This guy is Demonic. Using God's word to manipulate.

People this stuff is real. I thought taking my Family to a small consevitive Church was the right thing to do but it destroyed us especially my poor Wife. Sociopaths often gravitate to Church leadership positions or Politics. The need to control and fuel narcissic supply. Bet this guy the OP speaks about was having sex with her daughter all signs are there. I still love God but will never trust a Church leader."

Yet another tragic example of how cults manipulate / exploit members and break up families, and what we at FACT work daily on -- to stop cult group manipulation and abuses, reunite families, and educate the public.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Author Taylor Stevens was raised in a sect where beatings, starvation and sexual abuse were everyday events. Forty years later, can she leave her cult behind her?

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"All my life I had been taught that constantly moving was part of our family’s duty to God. I had lost count of how many places we had lived. I wanted to be normal, so I convinced my parents to let me enroll in Rowland High School... At 15 years old, it was my first day at any school, anywhere, ever."

" I wasn’t allowed to leave without permission. If I did, I would be banned from ever returning and doomed to eternal hell and condemnation in the afterlife. My parents and the other adults I lived with told me that I was allowed to leave, but if I did I’d be giving up my birthright as one of God’s 144,000 chosen and would forfeit my spot in heaven come the apocalypse in 1993."

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Thousands of people responded to a Reddit post asking this question: Have you been involved with a cult? What was your experience?

Snippets from some of the posted stories:

"I have been locked in rooms for 3 days and night to "fast and pray". I've been denied contact with other humans for weeks, or even months, to "get closer to god". I was given to men by request. I was once held down by 4 men, while a group of maybe a dozen other men exorcised me. They believed I was possessed by a demon because of my inability to be like them, to "get with the program". I was spanked, beaten, and whipped most my life. Simply put, I was terrified my entire childhood. I lived every second of my life in fear."

"I was born and raised in a cult, and considered myself a member up until I left my parents' home at the age of 18. The group I was associated with is not well known, but the effects on the members are tragic and undeniable.
We were literally brainwashed."

"I was born and raised in a small communal Bible-based cult in the US. I was a part of the cult until I was 27. Daily life revolved around a church and the pastor's wife, who ran the cult. The children were raised to be workers in the church and to give their lives for what the leader wanted... We were not allowed to have friends outside the church, to live anywhere except a church-owned house, or leave the church without escort or express permission. As kids grew up and went to college, they were discouraged from getting jobs to pay for school, but instead heavily encouraged (coerced) to max out student loans and give the money to the church. Student's class schedules were denied or approved, as the leadership saw fit. The single family unit was destroyed and everyone was pressured into viewing the group as one big family."

Monday, August 22, 2016


An excellent blog post on UNDUE INFLUENCE:

"New thoughts on high conflict in families", including information on the three recent UK initiatives that tackle aspects of undue influence or coercive persuasion.

Friday, August 19, 2016


"The Boulder church, which recruits CU students and holds Sunday services at New Vista High School, is an offshoot of a University of Arizona campus ministry that faced scrutiny last year after a Tucson newspaper published former members' accounts of physical, emotional and financial abuse."

"...the church has a say in every decision student members make — who they date, how much time they spend with members of the opposite sex and under what circumstances, what kind of cars they buy, what majors they choose."

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Clergy Abuse Victim Wants Priests Publically Named

‪#‎ChildAbuse‬ ‪#‎Survivor‬ Susan Blum of New Freedom, talks about discovering her abuser for the first time.

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, PA on Tuesday was in the news amid a report regarding child sex abuse within its ranks.

A report by The York Daily Record indicated that the diocese named 15 priests who have been accused of sexually abusing children and who had worked in the 15-county diocese.

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Through deception, projection, control and delusion, narcissists are skilled at twisting reality. They leave you anxious, confused and questioning your own sanity. Learn how to ignore the crazy-making and stand firm in your truth.

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