Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Your opportunity to save a child's life on Giving Tuesday

Dear Supporters,

Today is Giving Tuesday, a national movement created to encourage charitable giving across the country. It is a day of reflection and an opportunity to give to help those less fortunate in need.

On this day, please do what you can for those who have been abused by destructive cults and their wicked sociopathic leaders, especially innocent children born into these groups who are being exploited and physically and sexually absued. Only with your help will these kids have a fighting chance to escape their controlling groups and the abusive horrors they experience on a daily basis.


Please read these quotes taken from recent complaints to better understand our important mission:

"Please describe the cult activity: Human trafficking of children from state to state. Arranged marriage of minors to adults. Free child labor, slavery. Physical and mental abuse. The leader had sex with his step daughter and produced 4 children with her. Another leader has currently married more than 4 teen girls, 1 of which is 14 years of age...I was trafficked from state to state, I worked 17 hours a day for over 16 years and never received a payment for my work. I was beaten in their school. I was placed in a arranged marriage…”

“We always had to do what he wanted or we were sinning and not pleasing God. A few months ago we found out the Pastor was having sex in front of a 14 year boy while the boy played with himself. I have been told this is sexual child abuse…"

"I was a part of this church. My mother and her family attend this organization. They are definitely a cult. They are very good at hiding rape and pedophilia…"

You can help these suffering children trapped in cultic groups by supporting a case today. For as little as a $10, you can help rescue kids from exploitation and abuse, prevent suicide, shut down cult leaders, expose cults, help reunite separated families and much more. Please select from one of the categories below to make your donation or enter any donation amount you wish to give in the empty box. No amount is too small and every donation helps with our victim support efforts and in the fight against destructive groups.

To donate, please click here: https://fact.networkforgood.com/projects/27300-fact-fundraising-for-2017

At our highest level of $5000, you may sponsor an entire case from start to finish, including any intervention work necessary, counseling for victims and families, investigation and followup, exposure efforts and more. Simply click the empty box above and fill in the amount.

Please know that since we are a 501c3 all donations are 100% tax-deductible and go entirely towards our mission. Also, F.A.C.T. has earned the highest platinum level rating from Guidestar.org for our honesty and transparency as an organization, meaning we are an organization you can trust.

Please help us to continue our important work by making your year-end 100% tax-deductible gift today on Giving Tuesday.

One behalf of cult children, victims and families all over the world, we cannot thank you enough for your generous support this Giving Tuesday.


The FACT Team
Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc.
A 501c3 Non-profit organization


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