Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Symptoms of Undue Influence and or Cult Involvement

What are the specific symptoms someone might display when involved in a high control group, relationship or cult.

Look out for Personality Changes: Maybe major mood swings or the person may be "happy" all the time, but a superficial kind of happy...always be positive or upbeat kind of attitude instead of displaying authentic feels when situations warrant them.

Keep a look out for Drastic shifts in beliefs and or values.

Changes in diet and or sleep patterns: Maybe they are fasting now, or only eating once a day, or has been reported by former Scientologists, some only eat rice and beans for days or weeks at a time as punishment. Weight loss is an indicator to keep an eye on. If they are looking gaunt, worn out etc it's likely they are not getting the proper sleep. This is how many high control groups and cults gain control over their members, the members are so exhausted that they don't even have time to "think clearly". 

Not attending important family functions: Always to busy or making excuses not to attend family functions where as before they would have.

Inability to make decisions without consulting leader, guru, spiritual guide: The need to seek advice or "council" from others or another instead of being able to make decision on their own.

Sudden use of a new ideology to explain everything:

Black and White thinking, simplistic reasoning:

New vocabulary and complex jargon: Many insulated groups have their own language of sorts. Abbreviated terms that are used a lot, which members understand but outsiders have no idea what these terms mean or refer to. Example: In Scientology they use the word communication a lot, to shorten it and save time they abbreviate it and just say ""comm". Another example is "no case on post" - which refers to - no getting upset, showing unpleasant emotions or attitudes while working.

Insistence or invitations to do what they are doing: Recruiting new members is heavy in cults and high control groups.

These are a few of the main symptoms people display.

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The FACT Team
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