Friday, January 19, 2018

13 Siblings Rescued from Cult Like Upbringing

We've heard about these types of horrific stories before! 13 siblings were rescued in Perris, Ca from unimaginable conditions of torture by the hands of their own parents. Absolutely horrific!

The children were starved, beaten, tortured and deprived for years! Some of the children were shackled to furniture. The children, ages 2 to 29, were so emaciated the older ones still looked like children. Authorities thought the 17-year-old daughter who escaped and called 911 was only 10 when they found her.

Long time Riverside County prosecutor has this to say:

"They develop a kind of cultish doomsday type of religion where the father becomes this mythical leader and the mother and children's duty is to serve the father,"

Many will ask why did it take so long for one of these siblings to escape and go for help.

History has taught us that parents convicted in similar cases exerted extreme control over their children though intimidation, psychological and physical coercion, and in addition the parents frequently possessed their own belief system, which they would brainwash their children into believing and then practicing.

Vulnerable children growing up in these abusive, torturous circumstances are conditioned and raised to believe that their only source of survival is with their abusers. They are cut off from society, from an education, from television, from playing with other kids etc. They are psychologically, physically, emotionally and mentally stunted!

This case is very reminiscent of the 2010 Marcus Wesson case :

More on the 13 siblings and their story:

Preventative education is essential, being inquisitive and alert to the people, children, groups, churches etc that are around us is essential and is all of our responsibilities.

The extraordinary amount of courage and strength these 13 siblings posses - to have endured so much - our hearts and prayers go out to them.

Please visit our website to educate yourselves and your loved ones about manipulation, predatory personalities, high control groups / cults and abuse.

Thank you,

The FACT Team

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