Friday, December 29, 2017

How Cults and High Control Groups Recruit College Students

College students are on Holiday break currently, so we thought this was the perfect time to get the word out again about the common tactics used by high controlling groups and cults to recruit college students, either on or off campus. These tactics don't just apply to college students, anyone can be fall vulnerable to these tactics. However, a point should be made that cults and high control groups actually target young adults and college students because They Know this can be a likely vulnerable time in their life and they will prey on the fact that these young adults can and do make big decisions sometimes without talking openly with their parents or family.

College students can be very vulnerable to recruitment, for several different reasons. Some of which may be:

1. This may be the first time on their own as an adult away from their family and home. This can be a lonely, scary time and they may want to fill the void by being part of a close group of people, this can sometimes feel like an instant belonging and "family" type atmosphere.

2. They may come from a very dysfunctional family in which their emotional needs were neglected. Being part of a tight group of people who give them lots of admiration and attention (Love bombing) can be very appealing for a young adult who was neglected of such basic needs.  

3. Their world view sometimes can change being out on their own away from the safety and comfort of their home and family. They may want to be part of something "bigger then themselves", something that feels very important and that would or could make them proud of themselves. Helping others, changing the world for the better, these type of ideals are very appealing to most of us, who doesn't want to "help" ourselves, others or the world. High control groups and cults know the right buttons to push.

These are just a few examples of reasons young adults / college students can be vulnerable to recruitment. It is essential to educate our youth so they are armed with the knowledge and can protect themselves from manipulation and coercion.

Of course some of these tactics are popular marketing practices, with that in mind, not all groups who use these tactics are out to manipulate or take advantage of people. But it is a starting point in educating young adults about the initial process of recruitment and indoctrination by high control groups or cults. Our next blog post on this topic will cover what separates a healthy group from an unhealthy group and or cult. What are healthy boundaries when being involved in a group.

In the meantime please educate your children, share this blog post, our website, social media pages etc with family and friends, share in facebook groups and other social media outlets, share with educators and counselors etc. Help us educate society.

Our website has a wealth of preventative education materials that can be downloaded, printed and shared with others.

As always Thank you for supporting our organization and the important cause we are tirelessly working for. Together we can make a big difference and save so many lives!


The FACT Team
Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc   

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