Wednesday, February 17, 2016

EXPOSE: Guy Miller Ministries – CONCLUSION

EXPOSE: Guy Miller Ministries – CONCLUSION

Church Leader: Guy Miller
Location: 2100 Versailles Ave, McKeesport, PA
EIN: 25-1386726
AKA: Church of Life in Christ; Preach My Word Ministries

According to the numerous complaints received about Guy Miller Ministries, an analysis of the allegations utilizing the B.I.T.E. model define this church group as a destructive cult that is using many different control methods and techniques on congregants.

The allegations raise red flags in three out of four categories of the B.I.T.E. model: Behavior Control, Thought Control, and Emotional Control.

For more information about the B.I.T.E. model developed by Steven Hassan, one of the most experienced cult experts in the field, visit

In addition, the allegations found in many different complaints state the exploitation and abuse of members, including the abuse of children.

We’ve alerted various local media agencies in the McKeesport, PA area and CBS Pittsburg is moving ahead with a special investigation / expose on this ministry to be televised. If you feel you have been victimized by Miller and/or his leadership and want to share your story, or any information regarding GMM, please contact reporter Andy Sheehan directly at 412-575-2245.


“Wow.... I can't believe someone is finally exposing this man. I saw his early beginning and know marriages that ended once they went to this place called church. He is and always been a full blown cult.”

“Shunning has torn families apart. Relatives cut people out of their lives because they dare to go to a different church.”

“Spent my childhood there and ran as fast as I could the second I turned eighteen. I believe ALL of these allegations.”

“The paddles with holes and a scripture on them was so hypocritical. Child abuse was a daily thing.”

“It's about time Guy W. Miller gets the attention he deserves.”
“My brother was physically abused on many occasions through spanking done by deacons.”

“This is a cult. There is no doubt in my mind. I spent many, many years there and nobody believed stories I told about it until you came out with your investigation. Thank you.”

We will keep you updated with any further developments.

-The FACT Team

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