Monday, September 28, 2015


[name has been changed to protect the victim’s identity]:

Without telling us, for the group, Craig cashed in his gift trust account and changed his bank accounts. He gave up his car, health insurance, Visa, his family and friends, which has been very hard on us. We are going through a period of numbness and its hard to think with the emotional toll we are going through right now. The group purposely moved him away in fear that someone would try to deprogram him and as of now we have no idea as to his exact whereabouts, we only know he is somewhere in India completely dependent upon the ISKCON organization for survival.
They don’t want Craig to communicate with us in fear that he might wake up. He cannot go on the Internet or talk to former members of the group. Unfortunately the group like all cults needs to keep its members away from the support group, which is family and friends.

The group knows seeded down deep in Craig’s persona there is a loving caring family bond that is strong and good though because of the group, he will not associate with or spend any meaningful time with his family including attending a family wedding as he would be around non-devotees which the group is concerned that he might snap back.

Craig’s family is now the controlling ISKCON organization. He has given up his body, his soul, his mind for Krishna. He is a fanatic. And it’s not his fault.”

In our opinion Carl Woodham’s iSKCON activities on the University of Florida campus (Gainesville) causes only the destruction of families fraught with pain, suffering and loss, both now and for generations to come.

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