Thursday, January 26, 2017

COMPLAINTS FILED AGAINST 'S.O.Y. (Servants of Yeshua)'

COMPLAINT FILED AGAINST 'S.O.Y. (Servants of Yeshua)'
LOCATION: Henryetta, OK
LEADERS: Marty Whitman, Ahava Lilburn

We are looking into a complaint alleging that the leaders of this organization are profiting by selling their young girls to older men within the community. 

As per the complaint:

"They are beginning underage marriage. I have reason to believe the family receives money for their young girls to marry much older men... I am [also] concerned for their 13 year old daughter, i have reason to believe she was to be married. I have seen all her family in public at different times but not her. I am concerned they went ahead with the marriage even after i reported to several authorities."

If you would like to file a formal complaint against this group or have any relevant information to share, please contact us immediately at:

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