Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our Latest Press Release...

Our latest press release going out to all the major media outlets, especially in Florida.

Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc. 1-877-360-FACT (3228)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Where is our son? Distraught parents ask this question of the Krishna House and the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (“ISKCON”) located adjacent to the University of Florida campus. Their son was a no show at his own graduation.

Gainesville, Florida, 13th of May, 2015 — Their son, a student at the University of Florida, had always planned along with family and friends to attend his graduation ceremony. His parents were so excited to be present, having saved the date for a long time.

It is believed by the parents that the Chaplain of the UF Krishna House, Carl Woodham, relocated their son out of state to prevent family contact and influence at the event. Roger Talbot, a spokesperson for the non-profit organization Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc. (F.A.C.T.) and an expert on high-control groups, said, “Isolating members and blocking communication from their loved ones is a key tactic to control followers, which is the primary goal for any kind of cult group.”

The parents also believe that their son was recruited directly on the UF campus. Soon after, they became acutely aware of the drastic personality changes taking place in their child; he was no longer the warm and loving son they had raised and had become very distant, disconnected and seemed to be a shell of his former self. Talbot states, “Everyone is of course free to believe and worship however they wish, but the trouble comes when religious high-demand groups manipulate followers into disconnecting from family and friends for the sake of spiritual advancement. Instead of these groups bringing peace, unity and harmony to the lives of their devotees / families with their spiritual teachings, they bring discord, separation, pain and suffering, which doesn’t sound very spiritually enlightening to me.”

As of now the parents have no information as to their son’s exact whereabouts and whether or not he is healthy and safe. Attempts to communicate with him and the Chaplain have failed. F.A.C.T. will conduct further investigations into the group and Carl Woodham, while also assisting the parents in locating their son.

Tomorrow we will be posting about Tibor Stern’s (President of F.A.C.T.) effort to converse with Carl Woodham for a fact finding that was cut short by Carl abruptly hanging up the phone on him (when the questions asked became too much for Carl to handle).

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